The Image Specialist

Wee-Lang started as a beautician, and with a family background of hairstylist, her talent in hair-do is something that comes naturally.

Her passion in making every woman beautiful has lead her into the photographic industry.

She specializes in photography and event make-up settings, bringing out the natural shine in you.

As a professional Image Specialist for weddings, she beautifies man and woman alike, from make-up to hair-do, from dress code to accessories and the list goes on.

We provide a range of beautifying services to enhance your precious moments.

  • Photography Make-up
  • Photography Bridal make-up
  • Wedding Event Make-up
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Car deco
  • Gown and Coat Rental

The Photographer

Eddie See specializes in portrait and wedding photography.

His professionalism in photography catered a wide variety of styles to satisfy every possible need.

The passion and enthusiasm in photography has driven him to explore from traditional weddings to the trends of this modern days. He is comfortable to work with, as he guides to shine out the personality in you, making the each person unique and each session enjoyable. Being comfortable of who you are, is the number one rule of natural and amazing photos.

Believing in sustaining the special moments, he feels that the best way is capturing them – special moments that you would want to cherish time and time over, and these moments might just take your breath away!

We provide a variety of services to capture some of your priceless moments.

  • Pre-wedding photography
  • Family photography
  • Personal Portraiture
  • Commercial photography
  • Videography





  • 攝影化妝
  • 專輯化妝
  • 出嫁化妝
  • 新娘手花
  • 禮車裝飾
  • 禮服租賃


徐乙軒 善於人物與婚紗攝影。他的攝影專業涵蓋多元風格,能符合您的各項要求。他對攝影的熱情與衝勁,讓他不斷探索傳統與時尚婚禮的拍攝。他的親切能讓您展現個人的獨特風采,讓每個人和每個歡樂時刻現得獨一無二。做您自己,是拍出自然與亮眼照片的首要條件。對於保存生命中,您想一再回味以及美得令人屏息的時刻,他認為最好的方式就是將它們捕捉下來。


  • 結婚專輯攝影
  • 家庭攝影
  • 個人專輯攝影
  • 商業/廣告攝影
  • 結婚錄像製作